About de Foxx & Associates

Established in 1983, d.e. Foxx & Associates is a group of companies serving Fortune 1000 clients across several industries, managing operations with over 2,000 employees across the U.S.

Each of our companies provides efficiency-driven cost savings, ensuring short-and long-term ROI for our clients through proven supply chain management solutions, continuous process improvement, and exceptional execution.

The d.e. Foxx & Associates group of companies (FX Facility Group, XLC Services, and Versatex) provides service-focused solutions including: facility services, construction management, custom packaging, warehousing, category spend, and vendor management. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, d.e. Foxx & Associates supports its brands through finance/ accounting, human resources, IT, legal, and marketing. This allows each brand to focus on their core operations and ultimately deliver exceptional value to our clients.

MISSION: We continually work to deliver our promise: “Improving all we touch.” Each d.e. Foxx company is dedicated to collaborating with, maximizing their benefit to and wholly satisfying every client.

CORE VALUES: We deliver value to clients, employees, stakeholders and community by staying committed to our Core Values:


We believe integrity and respect work together; this is demonstrated at all levels through our actions and our leadership. We respect one another, professionally and personally, listening to different viewpoints and perspectives. We are dedicated to giving back, to taking part, and to building up our community. 


We build upon each other’s ideas and talents to create a great workplace; strong teamwork attracts and retains our talent. We take pride in our ability to build and maintain trusting long-term relationships with our clients and partners; this collaborative approach is integral to our continued success as a valued service provider. 


At d.e. Foxx & Associates, we are a truly diverse team of people from across the spectrum of ages, races, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. We celebrate our diversity, and champion inclusion as the pathway to prosperity. Inclusion is more than an abstract concept; inclusion is a performance metric and key aspect of our value proposition.  


Striving for excellence, passion for new ideas and an appetite for hard work – This is the Spirit of Innovation that drives continuous improvement and delivers exceptional results. 


 As President and CEO of d.e. Foxx & Associates, Inc., Gerald Sparkman drives a wide range of value and cost savings through leadership of the FOXX brands for customers across multiple platforms, including facility services, construction management, custom packaging, warehousing, category spend, vendor management. Sparkman joined d.e. Foxx in 2012 as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Versatex, a Vendor Management Services Provider.  

 Prior to joining d.e. Foxx, Sparkman held multiple executive positions at Cincinnati Bell. He has served as Senior Vice President of Operations at Provident Bank, and Vice President of Payment Services at American Express.  

 Sparkman is a recognized expert in business transformation, organizational effectiveness, and Six Sigma process improvement. His career has focused on the top and bottom lines P&L growth, business process engineering and optimization. He is an expert in developing people, processes and technologies that improve employee, customers and shareholder value. Sparkman has been recognized for driving double digit growth and cost savings throughout his career.  

 Sparkman is a graduate of Anna Maria College and holds an MBA from Notre Dame University. He currently serves on boards of The United Way of Greater Cincinnati and The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.